Sunday, June 26, 2011

Google Form Results

My Google form was about pets. I asked if they have one, what kind, and so on. 71% of the people that answered my form do have a pet. 43% of the people who do have a pet, have a dog. Followed up by a cat at 29% and a fish and rabbit tied for third at 14%. Everyone answered that they want a pet if they do not already have one. 71% of people said that they are responsible for their pet and the other 29% answered "other" when asked the question. 86% of the class said that they enjoy the company of their pet, and 100% of the class said that having a pet has made them more responsible and caring. Dogs are the most favorite pet while snakes, spiders, and rodents tie for last place as the least favorite type of pet. 43% of the class never brings their pet to public places.
Google forms could possibly be my favorite thing that we have learned in EDM310. I think they are very useful and fairly easy to use. I know that I will use Google forms throughout my teaching experience.

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