Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Post Number 5

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
While watching this video it made me realize even more the good that pod casts can do. I like the idea that a teacher could upload their lectures onto iTunes and students that have to miss school can listen that way. I think that listening to podcasts in class as an alternate of the teacher reading out loud is also way more interesting to the student. When I was in school I used to love when the teacher would play tapes of what we were reading. It always interested me to hear the different characters voices instead of the teachers voice for every character. Students recording their own podcasts can also spark more excitement in their learning. Getting students more involved and changing up the everyday routine seems as if they will be more interested. Hopefully resulting in higher grades. This video helped me to realize the good that making a podcast can do.

100 Ways to Use Your iPod
When I was younger I would have never thought that people could learn from a tiny music player! It was strictly text books, and if the class was lucky, computers every now and then. iPod's aren't just music players anymore. Your iPod could be used for learning many different things now. You can learn a different language from your iPod, listen to news stories through a podcast, and study through your iPod. I think that this will be very helpful for students whos teachers post their lectures on iTunes. That way if you don't quite understand the material and need to hear it again you can. Or if you miss out on school you can listen through a podcast. Not only did this site show me what all an iPod can do, but it also gave me a better understand of making podcasts. This will definitely help my group and I when we make our podcast!

This is a blog website about podcasting in a first grade classroom. A teacher wrote a script and then got her students to record the script so they can listen to it while in the classroom. The children loved to do this! They loved to hear their own voice and follow along with the script as it was being read aloud over a podcast. I love how this blog shows step by step what happened in the classroom. This blog makes me feel more motivated to do podcasts in my very own classroom. It is a fun way to get the students more involved in their school work! This blog also showed me how to upload a podcast/booklet onto a mac, which will be helpful in the future!


  1. Thorough, thoughtful, well written, well done. I am looking forward to your podcast. I know you will make use of what you have learned from these exercises and other things you have been shown in your podcast.

  2. Hey Emily,

    I am glad that this blog post will be helpful! I really like that these students are so young, but they handle this so well. I think podcast are so helpful to the students in comprehension and reading.

    Good post Emily,

    Stephen Akins