Wednesday, June 22, 2011

C4T Comment's for Teachers #2

For the past week I have been following John Burk in his blog posts on Quantum Progress. This is a blog all about physics, a class that I have never taken before. Although while reading his posts I didn't understand much of what he was saying, I feel like I learned about him and the way he teaches. He is a freshmen high school physics teacher who wants to expand his students knowledge in a way most physics teachers wouldn't try. He plans on adding computational modeling into his lesson plans. What is computational modeling? This is something that I had to read about on google and read his blog, Bringing Computational Modeling into First Year High School Physics, over and over again to understand. A computation model is the study of a complex system by computer simulation. This is great that he is adding this into his students curriculum. He thinks that it will make his students more advanced and this is great.
The second blog I commented on was More Google Doodle Fact Checking-- Did they get the Eclipse Right?. In this blog he picks apart one of Google's animations to see if they got the scale right on the lunar eclipse that is displayed. He goes through a process of different mathematical equations to figure out that Google in fact did get it right, or as close to right as it can be.

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