Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blog Post Number 6

The Networked Student
This video shows the good that technology can do! The 21st century student does many things that we are being taught in this class. He reads other blogs and then comments on them and then writes his own blog like we do. He uses his iPod as a learning device just as students in edm310 have recently been taught. He also uses websites like Delicious and Google Scholar. Just like our class, the 21st century student has a Skype interview which we will be having soon.
In the video the question "why do we even need a teacher?" arises. Well, even though it may look as if a student can do anything he needs through the internet, a teacher is still needed. A teacher is there to guide the children and help them learn on their own. They are there to answer any question a student may have and to guide them through the learning process.
I think this video shows a lot of great things that the internet can do. It shows the things we are learning in this class and the ways that it can better our future. Not only will this help us out, but it will also help future students who are studying the same thing and run across our blogs.

7th Grader's PLE
The 7th grader in this video sounds much older than she is. She is very intelligent and extremely organized. This makes me wonder if it is because everything she is doing is computer based? I would think it is. She even mentioned that she likes doing her work better this way because she can do it on her own time and in her own way. If all students were able to do this I think grades would rise. Most people like to have independence and this gives them the feeling of guided independence where they still have deadlines and things to do but its all up to them on when and how it is completed.
Although I have not yet set up my PLN, I plan to use Symbaloo just as this 7th grader did. Hopefully mine will be as useful as hers!

Why SMARTboards are a Dumb Initiative by Michael Staton and Why I hate Interactive Whiteboards by Bill Ferriter
After reading these arguments from Michael and Bill, I see their concern. They believe that SMARTboards are a waste of money because you can do the same thing on a computer or use an overhead projector in the classroom. They also both agree that it is a way for the school system to look better to supervisors and to parents. But In Amanda Theel's blog, SMART Boards: Good thing or a Bad Thing?, she shows the good in SMARTboards. She comments on how it makes it easier for the teacher to not have to "draw the same graph or diagram for the third time that week." You can also save your presentation on the SMARTboard in case a student or someone else would like to see it again.
I can see the arguments of both, but I have always been a fan of SMARTboards. I think they are another advancement in technology that will keep the student interested.


  1. Hey Emily,

    I think that the benefits and cons of the Smartboard are something to consider. Would you want to spend more money on a Smartboard or would you rather spend that money on something else in your classroom? I think that Smartboards are awesome and they get younger students into the lesson. I think it is useful but it can't do everything.

    Good post Emily,

    Stephen Akins

  2. I also watched the Networked Student and it reminded me of ourselves in EDM 310. This is exactly what we are doing. We are using the internet to learn on our own, but at the same time we need that teacher available in case we do have questions. Teachers can't be replaced, just the way they teach. Also the 7th grader's PLE. Wow she is very organized and is using the internet to help her in a way I hope I am able to allow my students to do one day.