Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blog Post Number 2

Did You Know? 3.0
What can I say other than "wow." I never really put into perspective how fast technology actually does grow until I watched this video. It amazed me that we are learning things that will be outdated within three years! This is true though because we are constantly learning day in and day out. New inventions and thoughts are being produced to further progress technology everyday.
What also caught me by surprise was the fact that China will soon be the number one English speaking country in the world. This fact just shows the progression of China's intellect  as a whole. If Dr. Strange's course doesn't teach you the value of being technologically literate, than this video should. I can't believe that computers will soon be able to do more than the human brain is capable of! This video shows the progression of technology and I can't wait to see what is in store for us in the future.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
This video shows the progression of technology all around us, except within the classroom. This doesn't seem right to me that every where around is becoming more technologically advanced, but the place where we go to learn is only slowly becoming more advanced. It seems to me that the classrooms should be more advanced than any other place. Is this how it is always going to be?
I do understand that one of the biggest reasons why the classrooms don't use as much technology is because the funding may not be there to support it. But even if the funding were there would teachers want to have more technology in the classroom? This is an issue among many schools, I know that I will be a teacher who wants to use technology in the classroom.

Sir Ken Robinson
While watching this video, a lot was brought to my attention. Schools really don't support creativity as much as they should. Artistic classes should be regular classes just as math, science, english, and history all are. There may be some students who are not as good of students as they should be because they are bored with what they are being taught. Maybe if schools were to add another component to their curriculum this would help to make the inattentive students more attentive.
Ken said a quote that stuck out to me while watching this video. He said "If you're not prepared to be wrong, you will never be original." This is so true because as we grow up we get scared of being wrong. Kids get scared of having the wrong answer that they slowly cut down their creative side to keep up with what they think is "normal." We need to let the kids know that is great to be creative and we need to support that by putting more creativity in schools!

Cecilia Gault
I think Cecilia has a bright future ahead of her in being a reporter one day! She did very well in asking questions that would get the viewer more interested in the topic that is being discussed. She stayed very calm and pronounced everything with ease throughout the interview. She is a very intelligent girl to be able to understand and communicate back and forth with Ken Robinson about the issue on hand at such a young age!   This interview shoes her creativity, because she wasn't shy about any question she asked him. We as teachers can help children be more like Cecilia by keeping them engaged in the class room, and making them speak up and do activities that require speaking.

Vicki Davis
Vicki Davis is the kind of teacher we need in every school! She is a very inspiring teacher and those students are lucky to have her. I think it is such a great idea how she lets the students teach some of the lessons. By the students teaching the lessons, it is forcing them to learn the required materials, and not just listening and then forgetting it later.
I think it is also neat that she lets the students explore into the basic lessons she gives them, and the students are actually able to teach her about the projects she has assigned to them. The style of teaching that Vicki does is rare but its amazing. The way she teaches is the way we should all be teaching!

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  1. In regards to your suspense about what is to come-- this class ought to open your eyes a bit! You will be making contributions to the education system in Mobile in just a few weeks. Be ready and be excited!