Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. My dad is from Indiana and my mom is from New Orleans so I consider myself half cajun half yankee! My first year of college I went to the University of Alabama. I didn't like the atmosphere there so I transferred to Auburn University for my second year. I loved Auburn but decided to come home to finish up school. I took a year off of school and I am now starting at South this semester. My major is Elementary Education and so far I have loved it. I love children and I love interacting with them. The way they think interests me and I want to be a part of our futures' learning experiences and begin to shape the people they will become one day.
Family is one of the most important things to me. I have two sisters, one who lives at home with me and one who is married and lives in Georgia (we're still working on her moving back home). My mom and I are best friends and my dad is an easy going guy. When we are all together there is continuous laughter! I also have an obsession with my dogs. I have three of my own: Lizzy-- chocolate lab, Addie-- teddy bear (bichon frise and shihtzu mix), and Sadie-- border collie who I have with my boyfriend! Fashion is one of my biggest interests, I love anything to do with it. I am the assistant manager at Lotus Boutique and just about all of my spare time goes to work!


  1. Emily,

    It sounds like you are pretty enthusiastic about your future career. Being an educator is being a learner. As long as you have a love for learning and sharing that passion you will be a valued part of their learning experiences.


  2. Hey Emily,

    I hope you like this class! I can see that you like kids and that is a plus! Hopefully we can guide you to become a good teacher so you can inspire those that you will teach.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me by gmail me.

    Stephen Akins

  3. Hello Emily,

    You sound like a very fun and upbeat person and I am so glad you are in EDM 310 this semester. I see that your major is Elementary Education and that you have a passion for it. As a parent of three elementary students this makes me happy. Unfortunately some of the teachers only see their job as a pay check and this is detrimental to the students.

    I have never been to the University of Alabama, so I am wondering about the atmosphere. What was it like that would cause you to transfer?

    How have you found returning back to school after your hiatus? I was wondering if you find it easier to focus on your classes? I was out for about 11 years and know I am much more focused on my classes than I was before.

    I wish you luck in EDM 310 and hope that it will be a great learning experience for you.

  4. All 3: Ala, Auburn, USA. What next?

    I am visiting a daughter and her family in Dallas. She has a chocolate lag. She loves to swim laps in their pool. Laps for labs. Fun to watch!

  5. I like your cajun/yankee hybrid reference. My family is from all over as well, and it definitely makes going home a lot more fun. Like Stephen said, we are all here to help any way we can, so feel free to get in touch with any of the staff when you need!

  6. Hi Emily
    I, like yourself, am also an elementary education major. I enjoy watching children interact and want to be a big part of their learning foundation. I have lived in Mobile my whole life also and have a yellow lab named Dixie. Im glad we both share a passion for teaching elementary students. I look forward to getting through this summer semester with you.


  7. Quida, the atmosphere at Alabama just revolved around sororities/fraternities and I am not in one. I do find it easier to focus now that I am back in school! Probably because I have four classes and they all require a lot of work, so I don't have much time for laziness!
    Dr. Hadley, I plan on staying at USA! No more school transfers for me. My lab loves water too. She is constantly swimming in my pool at home, or any lake she sees. I can't keep her out of the water!