Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blog Post Number 8

This is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2
In this video, Richard Miller emphasizes how much easier the internet makes our lives. We have so many resources right there in front of us, that it would be an inconvenience to not use it. Any kind of definition or facts we need to get, we can access by using Google, or any other search engine. There isn't much need in going to the library anymore because we all have one right in front of us!
Communication is made so much easier through the internet. We can talk to anyone anywhere with just a click of a button. We no longer have to use pen and paper, we can do everything right here on our computers. Creating and editing images, videos, podcasts, and other things can easily be done with the advancement in technology that has made this capable for us.
I am glad that I have learned all of these different tools because I will definitely be teaching and using them all in my classroom. By using the computer to do research and write papers/other assignments, it helps to maintain better organization. Not only does using a computer keep you organized, but you also get sources much easier instead of having to look everything up in books and newspapers, and it is more economically friendly without the use of paper and pencils!

Carly Pugh's Blog
Any student who has Carly as a teacher will be lucky. She seems like she will be a wonderful teacher. It is great to see someone who is so excited about teaching! Her idea about a playlist seems like it would be very effective in a classroom environment. I know that it is sometimes hard to get interested in literature especially when you're reading something you don't quite understand, but having students make their own playlists about the topic they are reading using videos they find on the internet would definitely be more interesting! Carly did exactly what Dr. Miller intended. She accessed the internet and used it to her advantage!

The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies
Both of these videos are similar in the fact that they portray EDM310 perfectly. In the beginning of the class, it is hard not to be frustrated at how much work and how difficult it all may seem. But both of the videos show that as you go on in the classroom, it gets easier. And it has! I was so overwhelmed when I first got into this class, but now I feel like I have gotten used to it and it's not such a pain to do.
In the Chipper Series, Chipper drops out of school because she doesn't like the way Dr. Strange "teaches." She starts up her own school and eventually ends up coming back to EDM310. In EDM310 for dummies, the students are very frustrated, but once they read the book, everything becomes much better. If I were to create a video, I would like to do something that would help future students while in this class. Something that would help them get through it all!

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
"Technology is not really a choice." This was said in the video, and it is so right. We can't get away from technology because it is everywhere that we are. This video was a mix of different educators from various parts of the world and various institutions that all agree that what is being taught needs to change. We need to use more technology and less books. I agree with this video in the sense that educators need to change their teaching methods to form to the way society is today


  1. Dear Emily,

    I agree with a lot that you said, especially what you said about "The Chipper Series" and "EDM 310 for Dummies." A few things bothered me in the "Learn to Change, Change to Learn" video that I discussed in my blog such as a comment one man made about learning facts. I am curious, is there anything that you did not agree with in any of the videos required for this blog post? If not, that's fine! I just think Professor Strange wants us to think critically in a way that we do not ALWAYS have to agree with everything he makes us write about.

    Very well written!

    Elizabeth Brooks

  2. So get started on your movie. It sounds like you have something in mind.

    Thoughtful. Well written.

    P.S. Elizabeth is absolutely correct in her comment about what I hope to have happen.

  3. I read to Carly what you wrote about her. She seemed very flattered. You are right, creativity is key to engaged students!