Wednesday, July 13, 2011

C4T Comment's for Teachers #4

In our last C4T, I followed the blog, What Ed Said. She is a teacher, who is very inspirational in the way she thinks. In the first blog that I commented on, 10 Things I have Learned about Leading, Ed states the past 10 things she has learned in her first half year as the Teaching and Learning Coordinator at her school. The main things she has learned that I know will help me are, to have good communication and to have empathy. I think everyone needs to have good communication, this leads to better understanding of situations, people, and everything going on around you. I also think it is good to have empathy because you need to understand peoples stories and why certain things happen the way they do. Ed has a lot of other good advice, and I urge new teachers to read all of this.

Ed's second blog post that I read is, Opportunities for Creativity. In Ed's school, they always have had two extra creative classes for the students to go to. Now at her school the creative classes consist of, art, drama, music, film, poetry, and technology for the students to choose between. They will have one of these classes weekly and not with their "homeroom" class, but with the other students who choose the same elective. By having this, it will inspire the kids to be more creative and love what they are learning. I remember when I was in elementary school and we had art class, I loved it. But when we had music class, I wasn't so crazy about this. Mainly because I was more interested in learning how to paint and draw, but learning about music and music notes didn't interest me, I'd rather just listen to it. I think by having this, more students will enjoy what they are learning, and having the option to pick what they are learning is amazing! I would have loved that when I was in elementary school!

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