Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog Post Number 12

Watch Integrating Technology in the Classroom and tell your thoughts on how these teachers use SMART boards in their classrooms. Be sure to listen to what the students say too.

This video interviews teachers at Minnehaha Academy who are using technology in their classrooms. In particular, SMARTboards. The children mention that they love to use the boards because they are interactive and they get to participate more. One device they use are the "active votes." These are really useful while quizzing the students, because the teacher can see who is and isn't getting the answers right. This also forces the students to participate. They are not embarrassed if they get the answers wrong, because the students can't see what everyone else answers. The students in the high school classes also use these boards as simulations to help them understand physics better.
All around, I think these boards really help out the students who attend this school. The teachers don't just use these boards to show power point presentations on, they also use them to help the students get involved with learning and playing games about what they are learning. They get the students active in their learning and this helps them to have a better future as they are growing up. These boards, with the help of the teachers, are pushing students further, and that is what we need in our school systems.

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  1. Emily,
    It's a good point that students "are not embarrassed if they get the answers wrong". I think this would help a lot more students want to participate, and it will help them along with the teacher, see what they need to work on more. It is also great that that these teachers do not just use the smartboards for power points. So many teachers do, and that is not going to get your students interested or active in the lesson. I think this assignment would really show how useful a smartboard can be if used to its full potential. Good post!
    Caileigh McCulloch