Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blog Post Number 13

Top 10 tips for using technology in the classroom
     Jose Picardo has 10 great ideas for using technology in the classroom. They include: streaming video, music, teleconference (skype), interactive exercises, interactive whiteboards, podcasts, blogs and wikis, social networks, internet tools, and gadgets. A lot of these ideas are great to get the students more interested. I think the two most interesting and useful ones are blogs and interactive exercises. These keep the students thinking and paying attention by being hands on.
      As a student in Dr. Strange's class, I am already familiar with a lot of these tips. The ones that are new to me are streaming video and music. Although I know what a streaming video is, I haven't really thought about playing a video in my classroom. This could help by having some other source, other than the teacher to help the students learn. Also, if there is a catchy song or poem to help the students learn like the one playing in this video at the beginning, it might help them to memorize it, that way they won't forget it. Mr. Picardo also mentions using music video's and things done through technology. Although I see what he means that students are interested in music, I can see it being more of a distraction than anything. Personally, I have to work in complete silence to get my work done, and I know a lot of other people are like that too. These top 10 tips are very useful and I think they could help someone who is new to technology!


  1. Emily, that is a great point about the video. Students get tired of looking and listening to the same ole teacher every day. Letting them watch videos are a great way to keep them interested. I can honestly remember how happy I was anytime we got to watch a movie in class, even if it was an educational movie.

  2. Complete silence. I thought there were no students left who needed complete silence. It is nice!